Whether you hire Edward for 1 hour or 1 day, *Expect to begin a journey toward success.* Edward gives you invaluable tools that add spark and, without doubt, blow your expectations & sales through the roof!


He delivers personalized and memorable presentations filled with a constant stream of fresh, unique ideas specially tailored to meet your audience’s needs and desires for success. He also offers insight and clear principles that give direction to your vision and mission as to what your purpose is in life. Edward shares this message because he knows this is the quickest way to employ your talents and “Unleash Your Inner Champion”?

Now don’t be frightened about what may come after Edward finishes his presentation. Incredible things begin to happen to you. Your entire mindset changes, new ideas begin to percolate, and goals begin to take shape. This is all because your creativity has been tapped into in a positive way. You will start to realize that what you formally saw as possible was actually your lid on what is now possible. Lastly, you will start to notice the surprising impact that it will have on your happiness, personal effectiveness, and more importantly, it will affect your bottom line in a big way!


Download Edward’s Most Requested Speaker Topics

Going From Stuck to Unstoppable: Release Your Hidden Power for More Wealth and Happiness

Sales, Peak Performance, Leadership

box-1Have you ever wondered what holds you back from achieving your desired success? It’s easy to give the obvious daily excuses. In this signature session Edward discusses the mindset and real reasons why so many completely capable people prevent themselves from amazing wealth and success and how to bust loose from these constraints and self imposed limitations

7 Really Smart Habits of Successful Champions

Productivity, Leadership, Work-Life Balance

box-2If we took 100 successful people from all walks of life and put them in one room, we would notice that they all have similar qualities and habits in common. All these people have derived certain characteristics from their personal development that has enabled them to become successful in their lives. In this high energy and entertaining signature session, Edward goes over the seven habits that we all need to succeed in life.

It’s Time to Unleash Your Leadership

Leadership, Personal Responsibility, Personal Growth, Productivity, Performance

box-3Leaders impact our daily lives and future. In good times and bad, there is always a need for strong leadership. Chosen or inherited leaders determine the success of a business or an industry. In this session, Edward speaks about the importance of unleashing the innate leadership that we all possess. Your team, group or organization will be inspired as Edward answers the age-old question: “How does someone earn the designation of being a great leader”.

How to Transform Yourself Into An Unstoppable Champion

Productivity, Leadership, Work-Life Balance

box-4Edward shares his remarkable journey of inspiration in a humorous, no-nonsense style and tells it like it is. With contagious and energizing passion, he helps others discontinue their limiting beliefs, reach their full potential and shares proven strategies that anyone can use at moment’s notice to “Unleash the Champion Within”.


6 Steps to Unleash A Performance Explosion

Productivity, Teamwork, Leadership


Edward gives an all too painfully, but necessary lesson in this session. Here’s the scenario: You walk into work. You’re feeling pretty good. The sun is shining. The birds are chirping. Starbuck’s in hand, then it hits you. Just one look and you see the looks. You know what’s going on. On your desk, all the files scattered on your desk. Projects that were supposed to be completed on Friday still waiting here on this tragically turned gloomy Monday. So…Edward asks you: “How do get these all done without going nuts?” Edward offers some pointers on:

  • How to achieve more in less time
  • How to set a goal-oriented path to success
  • How to turn your dreams into a reality though implementation and smart planning
  • How to achieve personal integrity and entrepreneurial freedom
  • How to gain expertise in ultimate performance and productivity

The 21 Day Unstoppable Challenge: The Secret to Becoming Unstoppable

Sales, Productivity, Performance

The 21 Day Unstoppable Challenge does not provide simple answers or ready solutions. Rather, it offers direct access to extraordinary living to create life-changing results.

The 21 Day Unstoppable Challenge Signature Session is based on:

  • The process of reprogramming or “remapping.” This vital process immediately creates opportunities, not only enhances personal confidence, but also conveys power in professional realms and the business world.
  • How to get “UNSTUCK.” This session teaches a valuable technique to catch, snap out of negative thinking and reach a state of empowerment and action. This session will help them experience breakthroughs in their personal effectiveness.
  • Limiting beliefs hinders possibilities of success. This session will show what they think IS POSSIBLE is actually limiting to what is possible. The exercises in this session give them the chance to break out of their comfort zone and constraints and work those muscles! Get ready to build new strong muscles that will transform into powerful, successful habits.
  • The Shift: People will begin to see the impact their negative habits and limiting thoughts are having in their personal and professional lives and the steps they need to take to create the shift.

At the end of this signature session or training they will be encouraged to play the 21-Day Unstoppable Challenge. For the next 21 days, they are encouraged to put into practice all the techniques they learned and follow the action steps. This 21-Day Unstoppable Challenge will empower them to become “Unstoppable Champions”. This shift in their performance will give your team the ability to increase sales and business growth immensely.


Customized programs include:

  • 60 minute to 2-hour keynote
  • ½ day seminars
  • Full-day seminars and workshops
  • Follow-up Tele-Coaching sessions


1-pablo-zabalaWow!! It was a pleasure working with Edward. He gave a resounding kick-off at the annual convention!

Pablo Zabala Diamond,
Amway Corp

Thanks again for your awesome contributions to getting our woman’s leadership program off the ground. We could not have done it, in our wildly ridiculous time frame, without your human capital, passion and zeal.

Susan Weitz,
CEO of the Woman’s Leadership Consortium

Could it possibly get any more perfect? Thanks Edward…you rock! We would love to work with you again!”convention!

Juan Guillen,
CEO, Latin Trends Publishing & Media Group

Edward was awesome and amazing! He boiled life and leadership down to the basics and engaged our audience in the process of realizing their greatest potential as humans and leaders.”

Command Sergeant Major Ortiz,
Fort Benning, Georgia (U.S. ARMY)

It has been a true pleasure to work with Edward Munoz. His humility and selfless service became extremely apparent. He is one of those people who engages others with sincere interest and by doing so reveals his truly genuine character.”

Bill Bartmann,
Serial Entrepreneur, Self Made Billionaire


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