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Here’s what I’m committed to: bringing energy, excitement and transformational content to your event that makes it memorable for all who attend. I want you to experience tons of acknowledgement from your attendees for choosing an extremely engaging speaker that left your guests with inspiration and enlightenment. I know that choosing a speaker for your upcoming event can be daunting given the many options and I want you to know that, when you book Edward Muñoz, you are booking a speaker known for bringing the house down! My staff and I bring excellence in detail to ensure our clients are fully taken care of before, during and after our live events. I know that you are busy with your planning, so I wanted to provide you with this packet to help make the booking process as efficient and easy as possible.

My career in public speaking was born from my passion to see people realize their capacity for accomplishing at a high level. Empowering people and witnessing them produce extraordinary results just from shifting their perspective is a feeling that gets me excited to greet each new day. I love supporting organizations and individuals in reaching their potential for peak performance. Here’s what you can count on when booking me: I will be punctual and prepared, I will make your audience feel at home, I will customize my presentation to optimize the value received by your guests, and I will leave your attendees excited and inspired well after your event. Thank you so much for considering partnering with us to make your event an incredible experience for participants!

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Standard Room & AV Requirements
1. LCD Projector & Screen
2. FlipChart with Paper & Markers (For audiences of less than 100)
3. A Wireless Lavaliere Mic
4. 1/8 Audio Input Jack (Headphone Jack) so Delatorro can patch into House Sound
5. Room Temperature Water (2 Bottles)
6. 6-Foot Skirted Product Table placed in High-Traffic Area
7. A Personal Assistant affiliated with your organization

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