Who and What Am I About?

That’s the question you’re trying to find out if you’ve clicked your way to this page, right?

Well that is a bit hard to explain in just 1 page. It’s kinda hard to explain my strengths, weakness, triumphs and setbacks on a page that has no personality. Below is an attempt to share in a peculiar way some of the bullet points that summarize my life. If at any point you feel you want to know more and want to read the longer version that shares in detail the good, the bad and the ugly of my life then click here.

But I must warn you, it will get pretty ugly before it gets pretty. Continue here…

Personally I am:

  • A husband to a beautiful, smart and shy woman, who loves children and supports all of my craziness.
  • A father to two teenage girls and 1 boy, whom adore me. Every time they smile, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside (I’m sure you can relate if you have children of your own).
  • A son to two phenomenal parents and brother to three brothers and three sisters.
  • A racquetball enthusiast. Give me a racket, a ball, 4 walls and I’ll play till my heart can’t take it anymore.
  • As a little boy my parents would send me to the countryside of the Dominican Republic for my summer vacations. My days would consist of milking cows, retrieving the daily water from the nearby river (1.5 miles away) and any other errands grandpa and grandma needed my assistance with.
  • A daily gratitude writer. A habit, I have had since 1996.
  • A New Yorker.
  • A veteran of the United States Marines Corps and spent 6 months in “Operation Desert Storm”.
  • A book collector. (I have a personal library of over 1000 books and audio programs).
  • Learning how to handle my Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
  • A Netflix movie lover. (We Were Soldiers is my favorite movie).

Professionally Edward is:

An accomplished entrepreneur, a gifted motivational speaker, an author and a peak performance/business coach who believes with a passion that everyone is capable of success.

From humble beginnings packing grocery bags on weekends and driving a taxi in Brooklyn’s worst neighborhoods to leading a $100 million real estate sales team, Edward has learned the principles that can help anyone realize their dreams.

He shares his remarkable journey of inspiration with national audiences in a humorous, no-nonsense and tell it like it is style. With contagious and energizing passion, Edward helps others discontinue their limiting beliefs, reach their full potential and “Unleash their Inner Champion”.


Professionally I have:

  • Failed at over 10 businesses. (2 of them were stunning failures where I lost my entire life savings.)
  • Created a 1 year program called “How to Go From Stuck to Unstoppable In Every Area Of Your Life”. A program for business owners who are frustrated with their level of performance and want a highly superior system to get out of their own way and see their business and personal leadership thrive.
  • Created a leadership program called “Unleash The Inner Leader” currently in use by 7 companies in the Network Marketing Industry. They have experienced explosive growth since implementing this program. (That’s how I built my name in that market. When a company wants to grow and develop their leadership, they come to me.)
  • Been personally mentored by 2 multi-millionaires and 1 billionaire. I love them dearly for the impact they have had on my life.
  • Coached hundreds upon hundreds of entrepreneurs on developing their mental game.
  • Advised hundreds of business owners on high performance, leadership and business growth.
  • Created a sales team that has sold over 100 million dollars of real estate.


One of my favorite parts of what I do is sharing my knowledge with audiences in various venues, from conferences to universities, to corporate meetings and summits…

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